Guidance Services

  1. Individual Inventory Services

This service involves the acquisition, maintenance and safeguarding of individual records of students. It aims to gather, organize and compile pertinent data and information of every student for its functional use. Such records include personal and educational data, test results and other related information that are useful for the development of the client’s educational, emotional, spiritual and social well-being.


1.a. All freshmen, returnees and transferees should have a Guidance Inventory Record which contains the result of the entrance, different aptitude, interest, diagnostic & special needs inventory test.


1.b. Student’s inventory records should be used as reference for the development of one’s educational, emotional, spiritual and social well being.


  1. Information Services

This service encompasses all information which are made available through bulletins, announcements, brochures, electronic media, orientation activities and trainings.


Guidance Center shall disseminate relevant information for the holistic development of the clients.


2.a. All freshmen and transferees are required to attend the orientation program at the beginning of the school year.

2.b. Orientation programs should include activities meant to meet student’s need for adjustment.
2.c. Pertinent press information are made available through bulletins, announcements & brochures.


  1. Counseling Services

This service is concerned with providing individual and group counseling to students who voluntarily visit the Guidance Center to seek assistance, to “referrals” given by administrators, family members, parents and faculty members who are in need of assistance that could affect the students’ educational, emotional, spiritual and social well-being.


3.a. Students can access to individual and group counseling services provided by the Guidance Counselor.


3.b. Counseling service can be availed of personally, by phone, through the internet or through the printed media.


  1. Testing Service

This service includes the administration and interpretation of tests to assess the performance and personality of the students. Students who wish to avail the testing services may make arrangements with the guidance counselor.


4.a. Students should avail of the guidance program’s mental ability, aptitude, diagnostic & personality tests at the Guidance Center.


4.b. Students should be informed of the test results.


  1. Placement Service

The activities in this service include the establishment of job placement linkages with the different firms, agencies and others, providing maximum information on employment opportunities not only to graduating students but also to the non-graduating.


5.a. Students should be provided with informative /educational and employment opportunities.


5.b. Career Guidance to students will include their classification according to aptitude & interests.


5.c. Student trainees should be given orientation prior to OJT deployment by the Placement Officer.


5.d. Clearing and sustaining linkages with the alumni and industries for the job opportunities.


  1. Follow-up Service

It is concerned with what happens to the students while in school and keeps track of them in finding out how students fair in their chosen activity.


6.a. Students who availed of the guidance services shall be monitored in their performance.


6.b. All graduating students should undergo an exit conference with the Guidance Counselor.


6.c. All graduating students should fill up the Graduates Directory Form.

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