Student Org.


  1. Only bonafide students of BISU may organize any Campus Student Organization.
  2. All Campus Student Organization (CSO) must be duly screened, registered, recognized and accredited by the Dean of Student Affairs.
  3. Campus Organizations must comply with all the Student Affairs Office (SAO) requirements for registration, recognition and accreditation as follows:
    1. Application Form
    2. Police Clearance of the Organizer
    3. Proposed Constitution and By-laws
    4. List of Charter Members (at least 30)
    5. List of officers with recent ID picture
    6. Two (2) nominees from regular staff members of BISU who shall be appointed as organization advisers by the Campus Director/University President upon recommendation of the Department Dean and Dean, SAO
    7. Proposed Work Plan of Annual Activities and Budget
    8. Registration Fee of P 50.00
  4. A newly formed organization shall be recognized on probation basis for at least one school year.
  5. Full recognition of an organization shall be based on the evaluation conducted by the Committee on Student Organization headed by the Dean of SAO, SSG Adviser and Guidance Counselor.
  6. Existing organizations who wish to renew their recognition must submit the following documents for renewal:
    Requirements for Renewal

    1. Application for renewal of the recognition
    2. Accomplishment Report with pictorials
    3. Updated list of members with respective signature
    4. Work plan for the school year
    5. Annual evaluation result must have at least 250 points earned (See list of activities & corresponding points in Student Affairs Manual)
  7. Activities and programs sponsored, spearheaded and organized by the CSO for academic enrichment, cultural purposes, fund raising campaigns and educational/field trips, within and outside of the campus must secure activity permits from the SAO and Department Deans. It shall be approved by the Campus Director/President upon the recommendation by College Dean and Student Affairs.
  8. Approved activity of CSO must be submitted to the SAO at least two weeks before the activity.
  9. CSO posters, announcements and streamers must be approved by the SAO for posting. These must be posted only at designated places and bulletin boards.
  10. Posters, announcements and streamers should be removed after serving their purposes.
  11. An elected/appointed CSO president can no longer be a president of another organization.

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