Any bonafide student of BISU can avail of the student assistantship program during his/her free periods and off-school hours with a maximum rate per hour as prescribed by the BOR not more than 4 hours a day and 8 hours on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays but not to exceed 100 hours per month within the semester.

  1. The applicant must secure the application form from the Student Affairs Officer and ask recommendation from the Project In-charge/office head. The SAO will endorse the application to the Campus Director for approval.
  2. The official time for duty will be during their free periods and off-hours.
  3. Student assistant who renders services in the evening should be up to 9:00 pm. Should there be a need for extra service, he may be allowed to stay/sleep in school.
  4. Student assistant should be assigned in line with his course specialization as the case maybe.
  5. Student Assistant shall be paid monthly.

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