Library Services

  1. General Rules:
    1. To ensure the smooth operation of the library the following guidelines are set:
      1.1 Upon entering the library all users must present their validated school ID/library card.
      1.2 The school ID/library card is presented every time a library material is borrowed/returned. These cards are non-transferable. Tampered cards will not be honored.
      1.3 The loss of a library card should be reported immediately to the Circulation Counter. The student will have to secure another library card.
    1. Defacing, mutilating and stealing of library materials are strictly prohibited.
    2. Upon leaving the library, all users must present their things for inspection.
    3. The library is mainly for research. Eating, smoking, vandalism, sleeping and group discussion are not allowed.
    4. Silence must be observed strictly at all times. Cell phones and other devices should be in a silent mode inside the library.
    5. The library should be kept clean and orderly.
    6. Newspapers and magazines should be read inside the library.
    7. Books should be left on the table after use.
    8. Library materials should be handled with care. Marking, underlining, writing, inserting bulky objects and making “dog ears” are prohibited.
    9. Chairs should be pushed back quietly before leaving.
    10. Damaged and lost books must be replaced.
    11. Fines will be imposed for overdue books based on the approved library user’s manual.
    12. Renewal is strictly made only when the books are physically brought to the library.
    13. Non-BISU researchers or outsiders can access the library and will be charged a research fee of P50.00.
    14. Courtesy should be observed at all times when borrowing and returning books or other materials.
  2. Library Hours:Monday to Friday
    7:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
    No noon break

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